Just for fun and got to love a story board

So I was laying in the bath and I had amazing idea which led to this picture storyboard. Can you make sequence with the pictures? 

My opinion for David Cameron as Empire from Star Wars and Snape from Harry Potter crying when he’s holding Lilly realising what he had done to the country for so long and decides to leave as Prime-Minster. 

My opinion of Fragara is fitting to the his face such as voldermort and the evil God from hurculies. This makes me laugh because of the features of their faces and his throughout the campaign and afterwards. 

My opinion of Boris Johnston reminds me of Gollum with his split personality of being funny and stupid which made me think he was a comedian until my parents pointed it out that he was an MP. Haha. “Yeah yeah I can do this. I can do this……what am I going? I’m in charge? Oh my god! We actually left the EU! Even I’m panicing and scared” my thoughts what Boris/Gollum would say. 


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