Through my eyes

 Through my eyes I see lots of big headed people who continulessy speaking about themselves and think that they are so much better than themseleves  than anyone else. Yet they don’t understand how hard it is for the only one who constantly moving and not going to get to trained for anything. It frustrating. 

Then it’s like no one else know how it feels but I get it that new teacher can’t move but it’s stupid because I’m the one moving and then it’s like I might as well be the one in the reception and not have a class to go to. Just when I first started and then at Christmas that I was doing the whole thing of moving about. 

Through my eyes this unfair but it can’t be helped and there’s in life that I see differently but other people don’t see it until after it happens or they don’t see it at all. It’s just that one day when I’m not going to be in they a screwed. Also I noticed that people I’m friends with they see where I’m coming from but some people don’t see where I’m coming from. Think oh no you can’t do it that way or you have to do this way. 

Better stop I’m rambling on here. 


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