1916-2016…100 years since battle of the sommes

100 years since the Battle of Somme’s they scaficed their lives and going out there not knowing what it is going to be like until they get there. 

They died for us with the 5 months of the war July to November 1916. People these days forget how our solider faught and died for us. Not being able to grow up and have a family of their own or see their family and their children growing up. They gave their lives to give us a better life we have changed a lot since then but now we in danger once again. We don’t learn from the past continue on the problems. Government forget, we forget and even I forget sometimes.

Remember be glad that we are still living and be thankful that we have got a better life now since 1916. Be greatful that your not fighting in the war because you have to. They had to at the age of 18 if they didn’t join the army they would of been killed for being a coward for running or been named and shamed. 

Be greatful and thankful that you got a better life and much safer life. Don’t forget to hold a two minutes silence every day until end of November and say thank you to the soilders. 


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