Do I feel comfortable in my skin? 

Learning to love yourself and being comfortable in your skin is the hardest thing you could do. Take me for example okay. Here are my pros and cons about what I love about myself and what I hate about myself.


  • I love to wear make up because I feel confident and feel a whole lot better in my skin. 
  • Like having my hair extensions in because it shows how flawless and pretty I look. It makes me feel confident and feel a lot better in my skin.
  • Wearing clothes that is suited to me and I can feel me. It shows how confident in what I’m wearing and knowing that this is me in my own skin.


  • Hate not having time to do my hair or make up in the mornings when I’ve had a rubbish night sleep the night be for.
  • Not being able to wear certain things that I would normally wear but can’t when I’m at work. 
  • Feeling so uncomfortable and unconfidant in my skin when I know spots or hairs on my face start to grow or shown. 
  • When I have a rubbish night I can’t get up to wash my hair early always running late to do things or too lazy. 
  • Always feel like I’m fat and chubby in clothes and people notice and sort of talk behind my back. 

I’m always putting myself down when i look in the mirror when I don’t look nice but when I make an effort to do something I feel me and human. 


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