“Homewreckers” vs “Non-Homewreckers” 

There’s two types of people out there in the world where you need to be careful off. My first point is this. 

  • Home wreckers: home wreckers are the ones who have no issue of getting what they want. Nothing can stop them because their world is around them and they have no control. Also don’t care if the other person is married or not because they just want to be loved by someone. Either if they are with someone or not. 
  • Non-home wrecker: A non-home wrecker is where someone is there for there friend and may end up with the person after their friend had a failed relationship or something. Yet gets the blame for the reason the marriage or the relationship broke down. However people don’t know the full facts about the situation other than only snippits of informintion. 

I have been a victim of being called  a home wrecker before when someone who missed understood the whole situation and not apart of the situation that I was in at the time. They knew nothing about me or him or his situation. Yeah it shocken me right up with it all. Then months later I had another abuse from someone else at the time me and him had split and remained friends for awhile. Then we both went out seprate ways. 

I just would like to say is keep out of other people’s business and get your facts right before start slating other people and and lives because you don’t know what’s going on. Judging people is the worst thing you can ever happen when you got the wrong person. Just keep your mouth shut and think before you say anything. 


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