Some women who would love to have kids but they can’t so they would have the natural instinct of motherhood and work with kids. However people judge them on how they perform when they have their own opinions on how a child behaves and so fourth. Yet people who have children are so quick to judge to the point of actually being nasty to them and talk about them behind their backs. 
With me I don’t boost about that I’m good with kids and so on. I’ve just have a natural instinct and I’ve worked with kids worked with church kids from the age of 13-16 because my mum wanted me to stay on for a few more years not cool really didn’t want to be there. Work placements at the school I worked at and my old school. One of the lesicure centres in guildford. Also worked for charity with kids. Now work at the school I’m working at and I know how kids click. I also baby sit odd occasions over the years.

I may not be able to have kids of my own but I don’t know but I would love to one day but people are so easily quick to judge the days on people who may choose not too or they just can’t have kids. 

Just keep your mouth shut before you think about its true what people are saying. 


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