How to survive living with your parents in your twenties 

I’ve been living at home in my twenties for 5 years now and I have my moments that I wish I had moved out already because of the constant nags and being treated like a kid. On my part I’m not being like a kid at all. Here’s tips of survive living at home with your parents in your twenties. 

  • Saving up to move: no matter how much you want to move out but you have to start saving as much as you can to get out of living with your parents before your 30.
  • Do bits and pieces around the house:  Don’t moan about doing the washing up or doing dirty washing because at the end of the day when you move out you have to do all that crap anyways.
  • Pay rent: make sure you pay rent on time and agree how much you are going to give them. Don’t think you get scotch free because you still think your a child. In their eyes you are an adult now and not a child anymore. Help them out as much as you can. 
  • Balance your money:  It is hard when your living at home still that you think oh I have money to spend on that I want. That’s not the case my friends. You have your own bills to pay such as your phone bill, things that you signed up for, rent and etc.  The past 7 months I’ve been short of money because of my things that I have to pay for and things that I wish I never have to pay for but at the end of the day I’ve got myself there and I have to budget myself etc. 

These are the things that I can think of at the moment but you guys probably think of loads. Why not share your thoughts. Have you lived at home in your twenties if so what did you do to help? Or your still living at home what are you currently doing? 


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