9 things you just can’t handle {gross things like ugly toes etc etc}

Reserved for the best things that I can’t handle that I think that gross me out. Eww time. Your time my time everybody’s time. Not the best opening topics but I’ve got to think of the 9 important things that I can’t handle that I can’t stand. They just happen when they do. Here we go then everyone get a clothes peg and a mask we are going in. 

  1. Voimit: I’m getting there with it to the point of holding my own gags of being sick when I’m at work because of having to deal with it so much recantly at work. Not the easiest jobs to do but I literally have to block it out of my own fear. I’m use to my own but I hate when a toilet seat is up when I need get toilet roles for the upstairs bathroom. 
  2. Poo/farts: This makes me want to vomit so much. The stench of the smell of it makes your tummy turn. I can’t even stand my own let alone other people’s. So gross I know.
  3. People who walk slow or just stop in the middle in front of you: I don’t get that. I get with work because it’s a special needs school but when I’m out and about on my own or with a friend. My god that’s annoying especially when I’m in the town centre in guildford everything is up a hill people make it more harder to walk up it. 
  4. Clearing throats/sniffing: my god I can’t stand when people do that it’s like first thing in the morning I’m and getting ready to go to work. All I can hear is someone constantly sniffing which sets me off in a bad mood from the beginning of the day. Then by the evening they start clearing their throats I’m like I swear to god you only do it to annoy me. 
  5. People standing me up: over the years certain friends and dates that I’ve been on stand me up a lot it’s like what the hell have I done to them nothing. So why am I waisting my time and energy on them. 
  6. Hate having no signal: I can’t stand not having signel on my phone because I’m always on it to be honest with you. Always seems the way though am trying to reduce the time on it. 
  7. Guys say flattering things and then arrange something:  when guys say flattering things to me and then you arrange something with them. It’s easy and nice date which they mean it or they do the date and the next minute they want more than that. Unless your that guy that’s says flattering things and don’t show then your like what’s the point in waisting my time.
  8. Couples being cuties: it’s probably me but I’m so use to being on my own and seeing everyone being cuties with each other. Not saying anyone Rebekah and Matt also Rosie and Steve. People say that’s so cute I’m like Herminone in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince “excuse me when I go and vomit” 
  9. No one answers the door or phone: when I get home or when I ring no one seems to be picking up the phone or answer the door quick enough or answer the phone. I always find that it happens to me when I’m in the bath or the toilet or I’m the furthers away from the house and still here it. I go rushing for it unlike my sister who is near everything doesn’t either hear it or “oh I don’t like answering the phone or the door” something like that when I moan about it. 


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