What is non-verbal communication?

Non-verbal communication is found in Autism, Downs Syndrome, PMLD, Cerebral Palsy and Deafness. I’ve worked with kids across the different spectrum from verbal to non-verbal. It is very interesting seeing both sides of the spectrum. After a day working with a class of PMLD students it’s hard to listen to other people talking because I’m so use to talking in the kids langanue of translating them like I know what they are talking about but yeah and then sometimes I ask them something and they talk back with something like you know the answer. 

I have done it for a few times with ASD class where I was working with a child and I coped what sounds he was making. They where like “what? Wait a minute you know what I’m talking about.”  Then carried on talking to me in their own little langugue. When I go into a more able class they can talk I’m like “wait slow down….I’m sorry I can’t hear you my eyes are getting to warn out” generally it’s an in joke to either get them to louder or I genuinely can’t hear because of the noise in the background or someone has already chewed my ear off before hand. 

Yeah I get a headache from it all but there’s so many ways that you can communicate is by object of reference, pec symbols, makaton and sign langugue. I barely use makaton and sign langugue much now than I use to. I just use object of reference and pec symbols. 


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