Brave Face – Story in a the memory of a special man – 8 o’clock Wednesday evening time. 


Put your brave face on. The one you wore that day when you stole my heart, you held my hand, we always jumped together into anything that could possibly happen. Standing on the bridge waiting in the dark. Would you take my hand lead me away. I’m with you when you take over my analyse away; it’s just me and you against the world today. 

In my dreams I feel like I’m running with my high heels on that I have to take off because I want to be in your arms. They will never know that you put you brave face on. Nothing can stop us from being together. We can be hereos together. I can remember standing by the wall with the guns shouting above our heads. I can be your hero for just one day. 

Be brave my soldier, my friend, my best friend, my love of my life. 

Sorry this is up early. But this is my Wednesday 8 o’clock blog entry. 


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