My parents have been quite open on about their faninces where they always put us first and provided what we needed when we were growing up. Now that we are older they are starting to do things like buying things that they want on the money that they never actually had when they first got married. I would always give them money to be able to get by when I move out because they can enjoy things because they deseve to be able to have things that they want. There are secrets to be able to protect us because we are a bunch of worry guts anyways. Haha. 

There’s things that need to be kept secret for the sake of the kids until they are older and have more understanding of the world. I never understood what the tension is with one of my aunts and my grandparents something must of gone on. It just could be my aunt felt trapped because she was the youngest I don’t know what it is. Then it’s like my uncle he’s secretive as well he only wants something or he needs something from my dad because of his health and stuff. We only see them a few times a year anyways but he only has my dad left to be close to their parents. It makes you think why on earth would you distance yourselves from the rest of the family what’s the secret behind it all. 

How much should you tell your kids about your family’s secrets? Would you tell them everything or would you tell them a few bits at a time so that they won’t get caught up with it all? Opinions and views are welcome down below in the comments. 


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