Feeling overwhelmed? Can’t breathe? Just take a hike! 

Ever feel like your to overhelmed and you just can’t breathe? To the point of that you just want people who wants to make you feel worse because they don’t know what is going on in your life currently and you just want to turn around and tell them JUST TAKE A HIKE!  Meaning just jog on and get on with your own life and stop being over dramatic. Making it out it’s always about it you. I have problems to but you don’t see me constantly sayingMe me me everything has to be around me I want to be in the centre of attention. Look at me I’m so perfect everyone loves me because I’m so gorgeous and fablous….oh I thought me and Fred were going to be forever sob sob sob. She’s the right old ****** you know what I mean.’ I generuiely hate those sorts of people to the point of who the hell do they think they are. Just want to shake them and tell them not everything is about you other people have problems get over yourself. 

The reason why I’m feeling so overwhelmed and can’t breathe this week has been so hectic to the point of its the last week of school; it’s the end of term, it’s been hot and everybody is tired. However I had received some news to the point of that its been constantly been playing on my mind every day since I found out. It will be on my mind a lot everyday until I try and sort it. Yeah I’m anxious and stuff about it because I never know what’s going to happen. 

I’m trying to get by as much as I can to do it but this is not how I wanted to start my summer holidays to be like because of it all. Just not happy that things keep happening because of some peoples stupidity and not listening. 


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