In my opinion yes and no because I’m stuck in between with this debate. This is because my grandparents are still around and it’s hard for one of them to give up driving because they don’t want to give up on due to their age. It is hard believe me you have to pick the battles one way or another but one of them actually has given up driving completely because of their health at the time but doubt they even remember that they use to drive to be honest. However they do like their indperdants at the end of the day and they know who to call if they want us to pick them and take them somewhere. 

However I do believe that our elders from the age 75 onwards should be the better age at 70 it’s like saying 60 is the new 50 or something like. You can’t just go up to someone on their 70th birthday who still looks young and fit go and take your driving test to make sure your allowed to drive on the roads. Just wait and see if their health deterates or not by the age of 75 not 70 because that’s when my grandparents health started to deterates from round then until their age now. Just give them a chance and give them an option weather they want to pack up driving or not. Some our loving elderly people may not have relatives around to take them food shopping or be able order online just think before you judge them. Remember they’ve been on this planet a lot longer than we have. Would you like them to take our inderpandents away if we are in good health? No probably not. They are still living and still with us aren’t they. 
Let me know what you think by commenting down below. 


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