Are you scared of what your future might hold?

 Have you ever felt scared of your future might hold? Or your one of those people who rather be in a dead in job and given up hope? Or you know what your doing with your life? As a kid you always been told you can’t do that job or you can’t do this job or you certainly can’t do that job? But then you have a job in mind and you follow that through out the whole school life but as soon as you go to college you probably decide another career path and then as soon as you leave college you then change another career path and do that job for nearly 7 years. Nearly 4 years in the same place. 
✋🏻 that’s me I’m afraid. I’m one of those people who can’t make up their minds what they want to do.  I am currently 25 years old. I’ve been working with special needs kids for 6 years nearly 7 years come September + 16 years of my cousin who has Autism. So I have got quite a lot of experience in this area of work. 

Recently two of my best friends had either left my job and work whilst studying for some courses that they she wants to do. Then my other best friend has moved back up north to start applying for jobs to be come a lawyer of some sort. Then there’s me. 

I am scared what the future might hold for me to be honest with you. No one really wants to admit but I generally am. I know I’m still young but I have thoughts of do I still want to spend another 6-7 years of doing a job that I’ve been doing. Should I do something else if so but what? Then it’s like do I really want to live at home until I’m 30 years old. Not that long now eeek!  Will I find a decent but good enough bloke to marry and spend the rest of my life with.  


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