I’m ruled by my inner critic because I take everything to heart and I’m the one that feels like it’s my fault that things and people take advantage off. This is because I’m to kind and I’m to trusting I let everyone walk all over me. When things happen like people stand me up or say that they were going to be there and I spend loads of money to get there and then spend hours looking for them and asking around. Then I soon realise I’ve  never felt so humiliated in front of everyone and my family. More to the point myself. Yeah one time I kept quiet on a bus once and I was close to tears had a few tears rolling down my face. I was ready to have have a break down. 

I would say to my friends when I’m so low something is wrong with me? Why is it me that keeps on happening too? I am that so desperate to be loved? I’m an idiot, I’m ugly, no one wants me, no one loves me, I’m fat and etc.  I’m the worse critic of myself than anyone can ask for more to the point I let my depression get better of me believe me I had the worst time of it first thing this morning in the early hours between 6:30-7:30 I think it was because I had a stressful dream and I literally had to take my medication it was that bad. 

Everyone has their own inner critic self even people we see who look confident and act confident do it but we don’t see it behind closed doors. Even famous celebrities do it they can’t face watching themselves back because they will self critics themselves because they will think I should of done it that way or done it this way. No one is perfect even media aka reporters because they are critical in what they write and even with the big boss is critical about his or her job. 

My advice is on which I should take on as well is that you either work with your inner critic and say NO! I will not let you take control of me I will be better than this. Otherwise you will find that you won’t be able to break away from it and you will be living in the world that your inner critic self will rule your life for ever and you won’t believe anyone. Not even yourself. 


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