Rain and Power cuts 

 Hey guys how you all doing. By the way  I don’t live in London but I’m only a train away from London I live in Surrey. I love the smell of the rain at this time of year because it’s so refreshing and nice. It’s nice to be able to breathe than be cooped up with the Guildford polution. It does take me back to camping days the true camping days not these days where you pack up your whole house in one tent full of technology and gadgets. Not a true camper if you ask me. True camper is where you be freezing cold during the night making you want to pee a lot and wrap up warm. Until the morning your like OH MY GOD! I’m dying in here. And wait get this DON’T TOUCH THE EDGES IT WILL LEAK THROUGH! That’s when it has been raining the night before. That’s my general camping trip life style and someone bound to fall out of the camping chair or trip over the guy ropes or someone says something funny. We do get camping fever a lot when we use to go but not anymore.  Don’t really get power cuts in camping really only when your torch dies on you or your battery power lamp.

Power cuts you either love them or you hate them. I love them in the house but I hate it when my road blunges into darkness. Not like my road is eery and dark anyways with only two lamps in it. By the way my road is a cul de sac so explains everything.  So it’s bad enough that it’s eerie I hate it when I walk down it in the dark alway have done for 25 years. Nothing new there but when we have power cuts my road plunges into darkness. It did happen earlier it took me and my sister a while to realise why it was so dark. Then the lamps came back on. It’s just so odd. I like lighting candles when we have power cuts one time we had one that took a very long time so it took me and my sister ages to find candles by using our phones that had torches on. Then they came on as soon as we got half way through lighting them I think. 

I don’t know what about you guys but do like power cuts and etc? When I was a kid I could always tell when we had one in the middle of the night was because my CD player on which is now under my bed collecting dust. Would go on stand by because it was the only source of light that kept me company at the time. 


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