Making new friends: Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock 

 Hey guys! It’s that time again for Wednesday fun time at 8 o’clock. This weeks Wednesday evening blog as you may of guessed it’s making new friends. This topic I wanted to share with you because not only I struggle of making new friends and put myself out there. I can understand everyone in the world have these problems as well but because we are so wrapped up in our own world we hardly notice what’s going on around us. 
There’s loads of ways of making new friends but it can also be socially awkward because they could be just friends from work or friends from clubs that you joined up. Not really the friends that you can just go do things that you both like doing away from the whole situation. Me personally that happens to me a lot I make friends and say yeah let’s do that together but never actually happens. But sometimes it does work out for the best you know. 

This isn’t the best way of doing it but I seem to find it works for me but it can also still be dangerous as well. Just going on chat rooms and stuff you may even find your life long partner on it. Just saying you might do. I’ve made a good couple of friends off a chat room and met up with them. It’s like I’m still finding Mr Right everyone is really. 

Making new friends shouldn’t mean ditch the old friends because it’s like me saying to my sister “your not my sister anymore someone else is.”  By the way I wouldn’t even do that to my sister any but I have had this countless occasions with some of my friends in the past where I’ve helped them so much and they either turn their backs on me or seem to have forgotten that I got them in the first place. Sometimes I genuinely find that they got new set of friends and think why on earth would I still want to hang around with you when I know your going to bring me down or sometimes they always find away to come back when they still need you to prop them up. 

1) Situation: 

“It’s like almost 10 years ago or longer than that I had a best friend yes she had attachment issues and stuff going on. Yeah we all have at times but throughout school life and towards the end of secondary things changed between us. I’ve been there for her so much until one day after college that’s when it all changed. Not only that she messed me around she had also messed and messed up someone else. By lieing about me saying that I was being horrible to her and stuff.” To this very day she hasn’t changed a bit and to be honest I’m quite glad that we’re not friends anymore. 

2) Situation: 

“a close friend of mine who has recently left the job we both work at and I have helped her a lots of things. As soon the last day came things sort of changed like we had started to drifted apart even more. Felt like I was just a tag along really and didn’t really need to be there to be honest…I love her to bits and she is a good friend but now she has a new adventure I just personally think that she trying to forget all things that have happened to her and that I’m still there might bring back memories. I don’t know I can’t predict what she’s thinking really”  this is one is a challenging case for me really because it’s just a confusing one if you ask me. Not too sure where I stand on this one.

3) Situation: 

“My very best friend. Well what can I say. We’ve been living inside each other’s pockets since we’ve friends nearly 4-5 years now we’ve always found time to see each other and text each other if we haven’t seen each other that week or so. Now she’s moved away back to where she’s from we still stay in contact and we always try and see each other when we can. Meaning me going alway up to Manchester yay! Not. But it’s a challenge that I’m willing to take.” You don’t really find a friend that your so connected and stuff. Those sort of friends are like friends for life. 

I will say this it is okay to change direction and meet knew people but don’t forget the friends who you get on well with and helped you to get to where you are today. They are still your friends even if they have busy lives as well. Message them once in a while, meet up with them occasionally and even ring them occasionally make time for them as they will or always had made time for you when you needed them. 


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