Siblings life! 

Having three siblings are great fun until you get older and you start flying the nest. Yes it’s hard for the parents but a lot harder for the younger siblings. Believe me I know seeing my sister upset and withdrawn. 

However we get on so well when we’re together and stuff. It’s like it hasn’t really changed at all. When people say to me ‘oh how’s your brother?’ I reply “which one I have two?” Give me some credit I don’t know which one your talking about. It happened to me today. To the point of me and my next door neighbor’s son went “which one I/she had two”  I couldn’t help but crack up with laughter in my head how funny it was. It’s the same situation with my brothers they get it all the time. One thing I think we hate being asked because we never know what people are thinking. 

It’s like our parents getting our names wrong. Me and my sister get a bit shirty when we get the wrong names. My brothers get the same. I think that’s the only two pet hates we get. I did call one of my brothers “dad” once because I wasn’t expecting him to answer the phone and b) he sounded like him. NEVER FELT SO EMBARRASSED IN MY LIFE! 

People say “you have older brothers? Or you have a older brother?” I just replie “yes or I have two” it’s like they sometimes like go “I better be a good boy then” I just go “they aren’t like that.” Me and my brothers have great play fights and stuff. Still do now. They do show their protection in their own little way but my own answer is this. “If you hurt me and I know where to kick you. I know how to defend myself because of my brothers” honestly without my brothers teaching me how to defend myself at a young age. I think that’s why guys don’t come near me that often or be brave enough to come near and take it if they did. 

Haha this picture is so true. I always ask my sister for toilet roll. I even text her for the toilet roll. Yes I take my phone to the bathroom I’m that sad. Haha. 

We have nicknames given to us by siblings. I have loads, my sister has loads, both my brothers have e a few each I think. One of my brothers couldn’t pronounce my name right when I was born. “Elizabetroo” something like that and the teachers had to come out and ask my mum if that was true haha. Now and then he still calls me that once in awhile or “littlebit” I don’t care what my family call me to be honest. Haha


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