Life is a test! 

In school they don’t teach you the aspect of life other than telling you what you can and can’t do in a job. They don’t prepare for you what’s really out there in the big wide world. You think your parents are trying to protect you as much as you can when you enter the world. 

The whole point in living in the world is that you have to learn the mistakes in life. Yes I’ve made a quite a lot in the five years off being in the big bad world. I’m still learning from my mistakes. 

No one really is perfect in the world around us. The biggest life that everyone is still learning is who they can trust and who they can’t. You won’t have your little possy friends around you when your doing your own thing and their doing their own things. Generally some people do stay in touch with their old school mates. However people do tend to move on and make new ones. 

I’ve been testing the waters of who I can and can’t trust. Currently in the middle of the massive test of my life is where can I trust someone who’s barely been there when this whole problem came up.  No he hasn’t but no one really told me that it’s their culture thing or that’s how their friendship works. It’s completely different to how we do it. 

Don’t get me wrong I respect people’s cultures and stuff. Love learning new things but it’s hard to understand how it works. 

Life is always about test. No one really prepears you the life out there really you think everyone can do what they want when they leave education. Wrong! There’s no way you can just live off your parents for the rest of your life. Some people think they can but that’s because they are lazy and stupid.  

Just bare it in mind that you will adventure a whole new life. 


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