This may condict my other blog posts but in my opinion it’s none of our business of how many kids we have. However this is not Victorian times or any other historical times any more this is the 21st century now; women are allowed to have a say how many they won’t and be able to discuss it with their partners, there are other people out there who just get sperm doners and be able to create a life without constalting with a male figure or a role model in the children’s lives. 

There are people who may not be able to have children or can’t even have children because of health reasons but trying to find every possibility of trying to have their own child. Seeing some people who are taking most of the sperm doners and just want to create kids on their own as a single mum. It’s like saying it’s not that hard to fall pregnant and rub it in their faces. 

It’s like for me I’m worried that I’m not going to be able to have any but it’s my worry because of my health issues with Polystic Overias Syndrome I won’t know until I try it out with a guy that I love the most. The fear of the unknown is hard and it’s always in the constant back of your mind. If I could have children I would so love to have two maybe three of my own but it has to be discussed with the partner who I am with. 

Just don’t judge if you don’t know the situation. 


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