5 senses tag

I haven’t really been tagged for this but I’ve seen and read what people being doing this tag and I’m like I really want to do that. I have been stuck on a blog today and so hopefully this will give me some ideas of what to do. 
– Thank the person who nominated you no one but I like to thank myself for the nomination 

– For each of the five senses (or as many as you do) describe five of your favorite things having to do with that sense. AKA your five favorite smells, sounds, etc. ON IT

– Nominate five other people to do this tag ON IT. I have two Rosie Clarke and Naomi Arrow will have to private message them to do this tag haha. Anyone else can tag themselves in it if they like. 

I like seeing the sea and the beach

I like seeing friends

I like seeing the sunshine

I like seeing new places 

I like seeing kids that I’ve worked with over the years (not in a pervy way but knowing by their sounds and what they do)

I like hearing the special needs kids being happy and their sounds to know that they are there. Even they are out and about with their families and carers
I like hearing the sea and kids having fun

I like hearing compelete silence when I’m in the countryside

I like hearing the thunder and lightening 

I like to hear the rain patter against the window of my room at night

I like to taste male lips on mine (I know it’s weird but it’s the sense of feeling you get)

I like tasting really nice homemade laisina 

I like tasting Sainsburys sandwiches than my own

I like tasting of fruity flavour water

I like tasting  different kinds of Coke and Diet Coke 

I like to smell when it’s about to rain especially in the summer when you know it’s going to rain because it reminds me of the days of camping.
I like to smell fresh cut grass

I like to smell sea air

I like to smell of when Christmas is coming 

I like to smell clean and fresh

I like to feel good about myself without the feeling of ins cur about myself 
I like to feel the sand in between my toes

I like to feel safe and wanted when cuddling a male friend

I like to feel happy with myself more than I should be

I like to feel great at what I’m doing with my blogs and writing. 

Well that was tough because I didn’t know what my five things were. Testing the knowledge of myself was the hardest things without being to critical about myself. Give it ago and see what you know about yourself that you didn’t know already great excerise to do for your brain. 


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