What cravings do you have and why?

 Everyone has cravings right. Right guys? Guys? You don’t get cravings what you on? You can leave this page right now go on go on. No no wait come back I’m only joking. Oh good I’m glad that your staying. My cravings happen only odd occasions because I normally can shake them off really. Recantly it’s been quite bad last week it was pudding rice because I had one during the week and this week it’s McDonalds I haven’t even had any in a very long time. It’s bizarre to be honest with you. 
My list of cravings that I generally have and I do tend to go over board with it but sometimes I can live without. Unless someone says I’ll get it for you. I’m like don’t you dare lol but they sort of torment with me it until I give in. 

  1. Sugar things – Coke and chocolate because sometimes I need it for my job to keep me going and sometimes it’s just there that I need it so bad. It’s like my acholol addiction but in sugar form. 
  2. Take Aways – I have cravings for that and sometimes I do go out and get something but sometimes I’m like OMG I need such and such. The worst craving is Chinese food as I get the smell of their food floating in the air towards my house because it’s at the end of my garden. 
  3. Junk food – like family packs of crisps, dohnuts, chocolate and Coke so basically number one is included in this as well. Sometimes depression doesn’t help this sort of craving. 
  4. Shopping – I have the crave to shop but I don’t need anything but I’ve been quite good in that I’m not buying anything as I haven’t really got any money or there’s nothing I really need.

These four are like the worst combo you can ever have especially for me anyways. It’s like why am I craving them and sometimes when I get them I don’t actually want them. They just there as a nesscerry thing. Life. 

What’s your cravings? Do you have any? Let me know down in the comments. 


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