(Warning this topic can trigger some of my readers please respect what they have been going through or have been through. This topic needs to be addressed.) CAN A VIOLENT PARTNER CHANGE? WHY DO WE SOMETIMES RETURN TO RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE BAD – Wednesday 8 O’Clock Evening part 2

 So being me I thought I’ll be cleaver and decide to blog my post for 8 O’clock evening post for today. I set it to the wrong time and appeared to arrive at 8:00 am this morning. Not too sure what I was on last night but I have now got a new blog post for you guys for tonight’s post. Yay! More blog posts you cry with joyce. Nooo! My poor brain I cry with pain just thinking about it. Haha I’m kidding guys jeezz. 

Warning this topic can trigger some of my readers! Please respect what they are going through or have been through. This topic needs to be addressed.

Can a violent partner change? I believe violent partner can not change if they had passed or history of violence they can never change or they’ve seen someone in their family being violent towards another person it shows that they think it’s the only way they can do to get what they want and how that’s how they going to get it. 

WHY DO WE SOMETIMES RETURN TO RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE BAD? The reason why we sometimes return to relationships that are so bad is because the partner has controlled their mind and that they think they are going to change. However this is never a good reason to do so because the more times that they return to the relationship with abuse partner it is more than likely the next time they return they will be end up in hospital or they will end up dead because of it. There are more people getting out of abusive relationship  because they have a stronger more family and friends with great network of things where they are easily their to get them out even though that that they have the whole feeling of they aren’t allowed to speak to anyone or do anything. 

The other reason is that when you have a child or children involved your more protecting them and get them out of the house before they start turning on the children. Plan your escape route out of their as fast as you can change passwords on your social accounts or delete them and leave your mobile there so they can’t trace you. Make sure you have the most important contacts with you and delete the contacts so that they can’t access your phone contacts and start calling everyone. Go to the police station and report it. Also pack an emergency bag and hide it only where you know where it’s kept and easy access for it. Let your important contacts know that you won’t have a phone when you leave. You have to ring them do not let them ring you. 

Please stay safe and ask for help if you are in danger 


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