8 o’clock Friday Time! Recap Time!- end of the week guys

As you guys know the routine of Wednesday’s Evening Post. Well I decided to introduce you to its sister. Friday Time! Recap Time! Where I’ll be talking to you guys about the whole what’s my week be up too what’s my plans are for the following week. Blah! blah! blah! How boring? I know right your telling me jeez. 

Monday – how can you forget Monday in a hurry! Excuse the pun there not meant to be haha. Involving a huge massive depression attack in the morning and in the afternoon going into the evening. However! in the middle of this is ladies and gentleman. Your blogger has made it back into the gym for the second time with a new training program on which I still haven’t received. No I haven’t killed the fitness instructor. Even though I wanted to because it’s killer. 

Tuesday – don’t even remember what happened Tuesday. Something telling me I was asleep for the most of it and constant arguing with my mum. 

Wednesday – Another depression attack yesterday. However I’ve forced myself to go out of the house and get some hair dye. Will show you guys the colour. Got home. No I didn’t have a nap what’s so ever. Did a few bits don’t  know what they were. Debating weather to dye my hair or not after getting it. I was like no you will do it otherwise you be like I hate my hair so much. So I did. Got it all over where I wanted it. Even plastered it on my forehead and behind my ear. I know attractive. But after all that I was back to the red head that I love the most and I was starting to feel myself. 

Thursday – Thursday Thursday bit of a funny one really. I woke up had breakfast and did my face and hair as per normal even put make up on. That’s when I knew it was me under all the pain. I fell asleep for an hour it was really a sleep though. Then I had another disagreement or so with my mum again. She only cares by the way I love her to bits. Did blog diary intake catch up time badly. Went to the supermarket and proved my mum that I can do it with a small budget. Then chilled for the evening.

Would do a Friday recap but it wouldn’t be fun for nexts weeks recap otherwise. Here is the photo of the new hair colour. 


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