What secrets have you kept from your partner? Or are there any secrets you waited to reveal? Could it be those expensive shoes or details from your past? I would love to hear your stories.

Olympic gold medallist Jack Laugher hid the fact he was a champion diver from his girlfriend when they first met, failing to divulge the news until she saw his Twitter profile FOUR dates later. 

Firstly Jack is allowed to keep his identity a secret until he knows that his girlfriend was the one until he is ready to tell her. Being an Olympic champion or any kind of celebrity you want to keep it a secret for a few dates so that you know the person is the one for them. However his girlfriend seems to be a sensible one of all who’s not a stalker or anything that might come up on the news. Of course you want to follow a person on Twitter or Facebook or any social media because you like them or they are good friends. It’s not called lieing or judging it’s book by its cover. It’s a nice romantic thing that you find out the guy your seeing is an Olympic diver but he has his reasons and he was bound to go and tell at some point. 

Personally there are things in the past I would like to stay in the past. Also there’s things that we all wish we could turn back time and wish we never did or wish we did. At the end of the day who’s the one going to get hurt if you don’t tell them. Them. However ever sometimes honesty isn’t best policy and sometimes it is. However no matter the situation is you love them. I’ve made a few and someone else has but at the end of the day both hurting and tired of it all. 

You have to be ready to tell them in your own time and your way because people wil start talking and etc. It’s not nice for either of you if other people start getting involved. It’s like kids play ground that no one has really grown out off. Believe me I’ve been in the situation a few times. It’s not nice. I’ve been up front a few times but at the end of the day it’s my decision and it’s hard what’s going on in people’s mind even if you haven’t met them either. So your like am I with them or not I don’t know. That’s the story of my life haha. 

Relationships are the most confusing at the time. People say I want to be with you and I want to see you but then don’t show or anything. Then it’s like I really do want to see you I want to make it up to you. Your like do I forgive him and give him a chance or walk away and yeah I’ve walked away from people a few times because they have hurt me to bad.  They knew the past of being hurt and they weren’t that nice or caring they were the same as the rest. It’s hard to know what’s what at the end of the day. What are you allowed to say and not to say in a relationship? 


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