Have you ever been to an unusual wedding? Do you think it matters if you shun tradition? What wedding traditions do you think are important? Get in touch

It’s been revealed Guy Ritchie’s son Rocco – from his marriage to Madonna – walked his new wife Jackie down the aisle. Jackie picked him despite a good relationship with her own father.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to unusual wedding other than sort of ruining but making everyone laugh to this day that I wanted my aunts boquay flowers instead of the ones that I had as being a flower girl. Ended up being grumpy and cross the whole day. In my defence I do not remember this other than the worlds itchy dress that we still have. Hated that dress so much. 

Do I think it matters if I shun the tradition? To be honest I would always want my dad to walk me down the aisle unless he can’t do it then I would probably ask one of my brothers to do it as a last resort. Tell me if I’m wrong though Guy Ritchie’s new wife could of asked her father but you don’t know what’s wrong with her father believe me my cousin could put ask her own biological father because of his health but she had a step dad she loved the most and been her dad when growing up. However no matter what the certain problems are its Guy Ritchie’s wife choice to choose who she asks and maybe she thought it would be nice to have that bound with her step-son and its like he has accepted her into the family. Like saying welcome to the family most children will think that their step parents are pure evil. This shows whole new level of acceptance in the world today. Me personally I rather have a back up plan if anything happened to my dad as I’m lucky enough to have two awesome brothers. 

Personally if I was getting married I think it’s what I would like on the day and what my husband to be would like. No matter how much tradition you go for but I would love to have something we both like and have family enjoy the fun what it’s like in our world to be honest with you. Along with a few traditions in it as well. 

What do you guys think?  What did you do for your wedding? Or what is your dream wedding? 


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