Good News Everyone! Eeek!

Here’s all the good news in points that Fry has put together for you. Oi Professor you have your own show to contend with not taking over my blog. You were only meant to tell help with my opening and it’s not Fry. Anyways are you going to stop yeppite yappiting and get on with it. Yes I will. Good I haven’t got all day to flap about with. Eeek click click click. Sorry about that guys he has a habit of ordering me about when I don’t even work for him. So here is my bulliet points good news.

  1. I have got my creative writing back. Yay! Oh how much I miss that. The only thing that got me going off was doing my sisters birthday present and I had an idea that came springing into my mind. This is where a letter came to mind didn’t know who was writing it at the time; it came naturally to me like I was telling the story again, they were calling on my sister’s help to solve it and to distroy it. Then bam another idea came into my head and it was another character from the stories that my sister like the most. She had created as well. So I stuck them on her present. So I have got a title that I had help with from a title genernator and then got my first sentence starters from anothe genernator. I finally had my opening and my title and now I can see where this story going to tie it in with the rest of the stories. If it wasn’t for my sister’s 20th I wouldn’t of got the inspiration from it all. 
  2. I’ve hired a trainer to help me to get back into the gym and I’m aboustly feeling it today in my muscles but on the plus side my knees have been slightly loosed up to be able to walk properly than looking like my legs are stiff to walk. It was amazing feeling because I’ve always struggled with my knees and bed them with a little more access it was like saying what are these things in my knees? Why do they feel cold? Why have they been causing me greif all this time? I was be able to walk properly without having to jar my knees everytime when people stop in front of me. It was hard work to keep on doing it for the whole day but it was worth it. They are so going to get stronger and more flexible. Can show my stupid old doctor that my poor ligaments have hypermobilty to do much and did diagnosed it at all yet I know when something hurts I know what to do because I had to deal with it all my life. Now I’m doing physio/excerising it’s working wonderfully.

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