Describe your alter ego. How is he/she different than you? How are you similar?

I have an intreasting alter ego to be honest with you. Let me explain. The picture on the left is the one I think I don’t feel attractive enough, insecure about my body, has loads of dramas in it, keep things to myself, less confident about myself, having lots of problems with health wise and many more things. That I get so annoyed with myself that I just hate myself for being the way I am. Not to speaking up what I don’t think it’s right. 

On the right the picture shows that I’m lot stronger, happy with myself, feeling okay/good about myself, don’t care what I’ve got going on in my own life, stand up for people who need it, say something I don’t think it’s right, being able to stand on my own two feet. There’s so much more than I would be like when I’m was unconfident and stuff. 

It’s shows that that I work with myself a lot more than other people think because they see the unconfident person and then all of the sudden they see a dramatic change of someone weeks before and then manage to turn it around to someone who is confident and couldn’t careless what people think. 

There are similar things where if people knock me down I try and pick myself up again to be able to bounce back and say. You may of put me down the other day but I won’t let you win all the time. 


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