My Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments

I was going through my lists of what blog post that I should do next and I came across this one and I saw that I had done my top 10 proudest moments. I thought why not to be honest and there are quite a few embarrassing things that I have done. Shall we check it out together. 

  1. When I was in my teens until my early 20’s I hated periods not because they were painful and smelly but they always seemed to leek through my underwear and onto my clothes. It makes me feel like have everyone seen the blood or is it everywhere on the funiture. I’m quite glad that I don’t have it anymore. I know I should still have it but I have a health condition that stops it now. 
  2. Wearing a dress or a skirt and your bag hooks it up and you don’t realise until someone comes over to you and mentions it too you or you constantly smoothing it down because you feel a bit naked or the wind makes it worse. Has happened to me a few times. 
  3. Falling over or hitting my head is the most embarrassing thing you can ever ask for. I don’t fall over all the time or hitting my head but there was one time I was away in Wales and we went to an old castle. As I was coming up from this dungeon I missed judged the height of this stone door way and I hit my head so hard nearly burst out crying but I tried to keep it together. It was so embarrassing.
  4. Went on a date once and they picked me up after I finished at the gym that day. I got into this fancy posh sport car; never been in one until that day I didn’t realise how low the car was and I stacked it and fell into the car. To the point of both of us burst out laughing I never felt so embarrassed in my life. In the end we just remained friends to be honest. 
  5. Once I went out with my parents and my mum had a short bob hair cut at the time when this happened. I thought this women who was standing in an aisle looking at something I was about to put my head on her shoulder I soon realised it wasn’t my mum. So I had to improvise and think let’s go this way. 
  6. I love my grandma to bits she does say embarrassing things at times but she’s getting better now well haven’t really taken her out anywhere because she fuses to go out at times or just comes to mine. When she became ill she had to go to the hospital a few times because she had a stroke on which has effected apart of her brain so she has no control of saying what comes out of her mouth but most of it is funny she can’t help it. She once said something that embarrassed my parents as they were waiting to be seen. “That lady has a big bottom” she said to my parents they were like you can’t say that but she couldn’t help it. She also said things to my sister and cousin at different times about my cousin who’s autistic “he’s still going isn’t he little bugger” she whispered to my sister and my cousin who’s his older sister. Now days we get use to it and we are like all well. Apologies to the lady at the hospital for my grandma’s behaviour then. 
  7. Embarrassing thing is that when I’m dead asleep but stressed out I don’t know what I’m doing half the time but I sleep text to the point of me managing to unlock my phone on which I have to say it does have a code. I have a few times text some people in my sleep and have no recollection of doing it. I have once stopped myself in the sleep texting someone because it was a dream. 
  8. Embarrassingly I sleeped walked when I was younger and one time it was about my pen and my parents told me to go back to bed.  So I did by the way I was sleeping on the top bunk bed. The second time I did this was when everyone was in bed asleep and sleeped walk to my sisters room at the time she was about 5 and I woke her up because I was going to ask her something my dad came out and asked what I was doing and I said I needed to ask Naomi something. 
  9. I was staying over a friends house one night and I’m quite good in remembering all of my sleeping walking, sleep talking and sleep sitting up in bed. This time I didn’t remember it at all I was completely out of it. Apparently I was sleep dancing naked according to my friend he couldn’t record it because it was to dark. 
  10. The last embarrassing thing has to be stood up by someone and your there waiting and waiting they don’t reply to any of your messages and calls. You look like a fool just standing there like nobody knows and look a bit dodgy as well. 

My top 10 embarrassing things that I wanted to share with you. What are your top 10 embarrassing moments? Please do share. 


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