Why not check out the rest of the categories? 

Now that I’ve drawn you away from the boring picture at the top or the front whatever my front looks like at the moment. Do need to have a look at it to see what I need to do to make it look better. 

Have you looked to your right and scrolled down the blog and seen some pretty awesome categories. Why not click on them and they will take you into it to find other blogs that you might find interesting. I do have very old ones when I first started out but then have progressed since then with lots of different ideas and ways to keep my audience reading. 

I do find that as soon as I find good topics to talk about I have great sparks of views and I believe that I finally found my cliché whatever you call it and the progression everytime. Yes Pickachu what’s the matter? …..yes I know it’s getting late calm down and…oh that hurt. Let me just finish and we can some sleep okay….thank you….your lordship. Sorry about that he gets into a grump when I’m not sleeping. Anyways where were we….ah yes the progress over the months of blogging has been amazing and yes it’s been hard but I do appreciate it from you guys who keep on coming back for more and more. 

So why not check it out in the rest of the categories and also comment what topics you want to see. Also I am now collecting question for Q&A blog please comment below or in the tweet as I will add your name and your question to the blog and I’ll answer them as best I can. 

Good night one and all 



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