How to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers?

Do you find yourself as your reading other people’s blogs or watching other people’s blogs and wish that yours were better and get more reviews and stuff like that. I do that all the time your not alone but yes there is a big but coming every blogger and YouTuber hate their work one way or another that’s the whole point of being a writer and etc. Monjority of the actors, writers and any other typical things on what we see on our screens they hate their work and wish they could do better in doing what they done if they could do it again but they can’t. They generally have to progress in what they’ve seen or done or written and think okay that didn’t work out the last time I did that what can I do this time to make my profession more better. 

I’m still learning and working around what I can do better than what I’ve done before. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t but I’m not giving up on the whole oh this is useless I’m going to give up on blogging and writing because no one likes my work. Has anyone said to your work is rubbish? No thought so the only person who is the worst critic is yourself believe me I do it all the time. Especially when I’m writing stories because I think it’s a rubbish story or feel like someone is going to be worser than me and give me the worse cristism you could every ask for. 

Your not a bad blogger. You always have to up game your game because there’s loads of people who want to be a blogger or YouTuber. I know I keep on bringing YouTube into this I myself had issues with self esteem and critical with myself of seeing myself on camera. Also I know that my sister and other YouTubers hate what they have done and sometimes have to redo the video all over again. It’s not like blogging that you can easily delete the who thing or certain bit of it again. It’s a whole kettle of fish. I even considering taking up YouTubing again but I don’t know because yet I’m talking my self out of doing it because I don’t know how to do it and things. I have set myself a challenge in doing it at some point to prove the point to myself of I can do it and it’s not that difficult to do. I have got two ideas of how I can do it whilst linking it up via doing a blog for here. Just need to be able to focus and keep watching one of my favourite YouTubers to get the the feel of how to do it all. 

Your blogs are brilliant and think positive at all times. If you are first starting out or struggling. I’m more than happy to be your mentor if you would like me to. 

You can follow me on or email on

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I am more than happy to help with questions that you need answers too. Good luck 


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