4 types of haters and how to deal with them

There are four types of haters that I have come across in my life time. To the point of everything involves around them which is completely wrong in so many levels. There are loads of haters out there in the world but there are 4 types that I seem to come across like nobody knows. 

The Sabotager: Its where you find that you have an idea and put it towards a group but no one seemed to listen other than the one person you know about will steal the idea and take the credit for it all. You just sit there and your like you lying piece of s*** you know I just said that and no one listened but you. Sometimes they all listen but too quick to judge but when someone else says it they would go with them.
How to deal with it: how to deal with it is either intercept the idea and say actually he or she just stole my idea making it out its all theirs. Just sit right back and let them decided for themselves who they want to believe at the end of it because there’s  no point in arguing with people who you are working with. 

Haters:  Everyone has a bit of hate in them but monjority of people let it be known and make it stand out. If they really don’t like something they would come up to you and say something about it. They can say hurtful stuff about you in front of you and behind your back by saying things that might not be true. 

How to deal with it: Is by being true to yourself and know what the actual truth and not the lies that have been spreading about by the haters. Let other people be a judge of you and your character than listen to the rumours and the lies. Most people are that stupid and listen to the rumours and the lies.

Work colleagues: there has been in my time in the past 5 years off working with people. They always seem to find that people who start knew or come in and think they knows what what. They become bitching about them even if people who are doing their hardest with the job that they are doing. Some feel and see them as s protential threat to them because they know the job and work needs doing. 

How to deal with it:  Everyone has those haters and you bound to not get on with everyone. However all you got to do is be nice and be you. At the end of the day you work as a team and you have to help each other out. I’m like that I go in and do my job for six hours or so and then I go home again. It’s like you do go there and do your job not just to socialise like some people may think. 

The Braggers: There you have the Braggers. Who brag about everything under the sun. From one simple little thing to something that is so petty you think oh please get over yourself no one cares. For example your planning out your new garden shed or something and you been talking about for weeks on end. Then it finally happened or doesn’t actually happen.

How to deal with it: Just ignore it as best you can because at the end of the day it’s none your business and just laugh when things don’t actually happen when they’ve been talking about something for weeks on end. You know that one day it’s going to come back round and bite their bum. 

I’m quite observant to the point of I don’t say anything but listen to things that are so stupid. I’ve have experienced in every category in this post myself sometimes you don’t notice yourself being in some of these categories until you stay saying something and your like ah crap. Everyone does it every so often but there are more people who are more likely to be self centred more because the whole world involves around them. 


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