Poetry Time! – Smells of Summer

The cool rain falling down 

From the sky 

Weather it’s day or night,

The fresh air smell 

Always reminds me of the days of camping.

You could always tell when it’s going to rain or not.
The sun booms down onto you

The heat that rises from the ground,

The sweat that starts pouring down from your brow

Sometimes you just think you need guttering,

The smell of the warm air tickles your nose.

Clapping so hard

That it lights up the sky 

With laughter 

A touch of lighting clapped 

Here and there 
The wind 

That has three types of winds

Strong cold wind makes you shiver to the bone, 

Slight breaze of cold 

Bur not to cold just about right 

Then you have the luxury of the warm breeze of the sun.
@copyrightlizzyarrow @copyrightlizzysweeklyblogs @copyrightfreshperfectiondreamer 


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