What makes you so annoyed about blogging?

The reason why I’m annoyed about blogging at the moment in time is that I’m currently planning a blog post; as I planning I research as well to help me understand what I’m writing about and give me some hope of an idea what I want to write for it. The more I research it and read about it the more stupid it gets. On which it makes me not wanting to write that certain blog. 

Let me explain a bit more about it. Rules of blogging can come and go as it pleases can’t they. No one really sticks to them it’s more of a guideline for yourself to help you but I read two articles that say the exact meaning but different wording. Do not blog everyday! Who says you can’t blog everyday. Only if you know that you have something to give everyday and firstly I read a bloggers blog on a app and she blogs everyday. Your you own boss you can decide what you want to do with your blog. You don’t have to be peer pressured into the blogging community that you have to do it their way or this way. 

You have to write your own certain niche; if you have got a certain niche that’s great more than great awesome well done you, it’s okay if you haven’t because you have more time to find which one you are more comfortable with and explore the different areas of what you want to talk about. It’s stil awesome that you are finding out who you are as a writer and a blogger; I did the same thing, it took me awhile to find out what I would like to talk about until I looked and digged a little bit deeper into what I wanted to do. 

I do have to say this be yourself, be true to yourself, be unique and most of all be different and stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to be like your idols or be the same as every other blogger just be you and you have millions of new things to bring to the table. 


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