Every Single Minute – Lifestyle 

Every single minute that you wait, every single bone in your body shifts, every single minute your heart breaks more, every single minute the world turns, every single minute you wish you could turn back the clock and say you have done. 

Every single minute that you risk your health issues and your good nature to help others but yet they don’t consider the consequences of their actions until they soon realise when you are about to walk away. They soon realise how much of an impact that you made on them but they think it’s too late or they are going to try harder to be there for you no matter what. 

Every single minute that the person waits for you to answer their messages it kills them even more. Every single minute they wait they think of the worse. Every single minute they become depressed and can’t cope with life. Every single moment the dread feeling comes to past of what’s the point. 

Every single minute the flower petal falls to the ground. Every single minute the pain of hurt and trust breaks even more. Every single minute the love that they have for you is breaking everyday. Every single minute of everyday they blame themselves because they should of followed their gut instinct. 

Every single minute……


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