Lifestyle: Life skills/life coaching for high/secondary school students 

In this lifestyle topic is for kids who are moving up to high/secondary school from their old school. Yes it’s all new and exciting but nervous and anxious at the same time because it’s all different to your previous school. I don’t remember much of mine to be honest I think I was nervous and anxious because I didn’t know anyone except the kids that I came up with but dispersed by making new friends and changed. That will happen over the years of secondary school they want to test the boundaries of what they can do. 

My first year I remember the day before I first started I just learnt on how to do a tie. At that time everyone had to wear a tie OMG I hated it everyone nearly peanuted everyone; it means one bit of the tie is longer than the other, I had it once I think can’t remember it was so long ago. I don’t think I was hardly at school in my first year; not because I was a rebel or anything, my school got burnt down at least twice so the first time I was off for weeks on end so that they could stable the school and what caused it. Don’t try this. Don’t even remember if they did catch anyone who did it both times. My school back then was known to have the reputation of the worst school in the county I think or in the town. Either which people knew which school it was.  School a fraud teacher/head teacher and many other things. Then by the end of my first year I found out that we were getting a whole new set of uniform and everything because they were changing the name of the school to another one. Which by that stage I had it with the school to the point of it took me ages to learn how to tie a tie. 

Don’t get your hopes up that this will happen to you within your first year; I can garentuee it probably won’t happen, all this was still early days of 2000 just barely out of the 1990’s so things have changed since then. Well this is meant to be life skills/life coaching. All I have to say is this give it a few weeks or so you’ll soon settle in to your new classes and meet new friends. You’ll be able to join in clubs that you love doing and taking part in things like festivals, school plays and etc. You will enjoy it more than you think. 

Let me know how your first day go? Or if your a parent let me know how nervous you felt about your child going to a new school? Do you remember your first day at a new big school? Did you have or do you have siblings at your new school? I did and their friends embarrassed them a lot. Good luck.


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