Tuesday isn’t so bad is it?

 Good morning to the UK nothing like a glorious sunshine in the south east not too sure about the rest of the country. Afternoon or evening to the rest of the world I hope your day was splendid. Monday feeling is out of the way but still not any closer to Friday but still close to Monday however we don’t care do we. 

Firstly on my Tuesday agender is I would like to apologise for not doing many posts the last three days. Became ill and I’m doing okay just plodding along behind the scenes trying to think of new ideas and everything when my mind wants to let me function. So bare with me on the one. Haha bare with..bare with…bare with…and back.  Oh you got to love Miranda Show. 

Second on my Tuesday agender is as you can see I made a pledge post for you guys to be able to help me out and give me support by helping me fund this blog as to make it as a full time job than just a hobbit I mean hobbie predictive text blooming heck. Could you help me with giving little or a lot no matter how much or just sharing the blog in that I can make your dreams come true and mine with lots of new ideas are ready and they are bursting at the seemes but I really need the support of you guys. This sounded better now when I wrote the blog about it last night. 

Thirdly on my fabulous Tuesday agender for you guys is have you seen the new pictures that I have been creating for the blog. I know some of them need a bit more work to them don’t need to be rude Anna haha. Anna from Division3000 is lovely love the banter I give her. Work in progress though. Flipping Hackney talk coming out now. Hackney is in London one of my grandparents are from there. Sorry. 

Fourth on this wildly exacting day of a Tuesday here we go with the deliveries thanks Sainsburys. On two of my pages I have updated and freshly new but more better than they were before. Why not check them out. The two that have been updated are About Lizzysweeklyblogs and Behind the creator.   I have this feeling your on the edge of your seat laughing to much either at the blogs that I write because they are funny or your laughing so much at someone else being a prat and wished that I was there to write it. 

Last but not least the fifth agender of the glourious Tuesday is whilst planning and researching which I have failed to plan this one because it just came straight to my head and had to put it up straight away. I will blog in between if I can if I have something good from my magic pens. New tactics that I’m trying to get myself into now. Don’t miss me too much. Oh behave Anna your making me blush I love you too blogger. 

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing. If your going to the seaside stay safe if your going to be in the sea make sure that your in a prime spot for the lifeguards  to see you if you get into trouble. No matter if it’s because it’s a nice day and it’s crowded two points are make sure you know what strong currents look like and secondly what I’ve just said now make sure your seen in view of the lifeguards. This does go for everyone not just in the UK. 

Love you all. 


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