Lifestyle: How to survive going back to school?


Summer has gone for another year. Autumn has finally arrived. More importantly September has arrived. We all know what that means. “NO! I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!” “Mum! I don’t feel well” “I can’t wait to meet knew friends” 

To the teachers are in the saying the exact same thing. Comparing their time-tables with other members of staff and feeling the sense of dread what the year a head would be like. Feeling like the summer had gone so quick; thinking where the heck did that go, as they pull out their autumn work clothing and saying good bye to the summer clothing that they’ve just worn for 6 weeks without any worry of getting into trouble.

Managers/Sale Assitants are gladly to see the back of the kids causing mayhem in their shops getting back to normal with the peace and quiet. To be able to help their regulars to find what they are looking for.


Don’t you always find that at the start of the year you spend a fortune on stationary, school shoes, text books and etc; everything that you can possibly need when you go back to school and then by christmas or easter you seem to that you have lost them or they’ve been nicked or fallen apart because you either can’t look after them properly or your that kid who doesn’t seem to want to carry anything because you don’t want me to seen look like a know it all. Over the years when I was at secondary school I just began to store my pens in my blaze because it was easier than getting a pencil case because I learnt that if I was seen to have a pencil case other people would say ‘Lizzy can I borrow a pen’ I give them a pen either I get it back or I don’t. By the stage of not getting it back I give up caring and when they ask me for a pen I just reply ‘I don’t have one. This is the only one that I have’ so they don’t both asking me again for a pen.

My tactic of surivtileimageal through school life along was getting on with everyone. It was because it showed that they respected me and of someone wanted to bully me they stood up for me. I generally got on with everyone because I put myself forward for things that I didn’t want to. Mind you I hated school with a passion; I always find away of getting out of being school one way or another, I would remember one time that I got dressed in my own clothes and came downstairs making excuse of being ill.

When I was at secondary I always got sent home due to really bad period pains and came in the next day. This actually happened. Let alone it was a health issue at the time which I found out years later. School always don’t see the quiet ones slip through the net because the loud ones get the attention a lot. It  was a win situation for me as I took that as advantage and also having one of my parents at the school at the time, so they couldn’t really do anything about it.


Another reason of tactic of survival of being at school is that you always have that one bully or that one popular girl you really hate with a passion because they haven’t got much better to do than causing drama and everything has to do with them. Your like well I’m just going to keep my head down let it go over my head. It’s not the end of the world if you loose friends over something so picky but will a bully you can be mentally scared from it or just learn to take it on the chin and stick up for yourself or just stick up for someone who is. I did that once in college and he actually shut up and stopped picking on the person because I would say something. I generally toughened myself up with it all and it wasn’t for the stories of my dad and uncle and the Arrow toughness I would been worse with my mental health issues. It’s given me the confidence of sticking myself up.


That’s how I stick up for myself in my jobs that I have done over the years because people think they know better than you but yet I get heard and people soon realise that I’m right and easier than saying ‘Bob’s your uncle’ 

In life school only teaches you the basic things that the government want you to learn. If you have a goal or goals in life that school doesn’t teach you; why not make it as a hobby until you leave school and pursue it into a career along side college or whilst you working. I know that the law is now you have to go straight into college or go straight into college. As I was growing up I had loads of ideas of what I wanted to do such as becoming a detective, teacher, actress, writer, travel tourism or sports coach.


Only two things out of the 6 careers that I made it happen and been successful of doing. I am working in a special needs school in my local town as a classroom assistant and I’m finally making my stamp on becoming a writer by starting with blogging. No one had taught me how to do theses things I taught myself what I wanted to do. Schools that I went to failed me to encourage me to do what I actually want to do. They just thought I was lazy or the quiet one that takes part in the school festivals, sports and school shows. Didn’t want to do them but I did it on my own accord because they weren’t encouraging me to do it. Having special needs myself like dyslexia and language difficulties I didn’t let it define me of who I am. I just did it myself and no one told me otherwise. Other than that they didn’t think I couldn’t do it on which they didn’t push me to do it further until I got to college in another town and they helped me to push myself a lot harder and out of my comfort zone.

I believe that children with learning difficulties, the ones who are quiet and been put to one side don’t get challenged enough to do what they can do with their hobbies that they enjoy. I surprised my old teachers who were still at my old school once that they didn’t know that I worked in a school next to them until we had to evacuate for something major. They didn’t really realise that how much I have come since leaving school because I never stopped leaving that school. I can’t be in my old school no longer than 5-10 minutes now half an hour is pushing it but that was because of that horrible day which caused me to have relapse of bad anxiety.

I best get my work things ready for tomorrow as its the first day back and I’ve started to get things ready through out the day but it’s all over the place. All I have to say good luck if you are starting your new school, beginning school/nursery or just going back to the school. You can do it. You can kick butt. Not literally. As Theodore Roosevelt once said “Believe you can and you’re half way there” 

Let me know what you worries, concerns or your excited to go back. Even if your a parent you can comment or email me with what you want to know and I can try and help. As I’ve taught myself strategies of how to cope through school. My email is

Oh also what do you think of the new Lizzysweeklyblogs logo. I like the owl it’s so cute. IMG_2343



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