Coming Soon!

I’ve been working on a new blog website on a different website. Don’t you worry still the same name and everything. I have made it as a house hold name so I can’t change it can I. Silly you. It’s going to bigger and better than before. Watch this space. It is has taken me all afternoon on Saturday going through to the evening; it’s nearly there and done needs to be done a bit more work to it, then it will be up and running. 

Coming soon as you may of noticed of a blog that I have written a blog for my local Guildford Fringe last week Thursday 1st September 2016. I have got into contact with them few weeks ago via Twitter and been told that since blogging for the company the tickets have been selling fast which has been good. The stats are amazing as well when I type them up can’t believe how much they are getting noticed. 

What else coming soon. Oh yes. Newsletters will be coming out weekly. I would like you take part in each week to have your own little piece if you would like to. There will be themes each week along with a little piece to go with it. Take pictures and get your creative writing thinking caps on; I need pictures of Autumn scenery with a imaginary story or poetry to go with it, this will be carried on throughout September – end of November. 

Please put copyright on the chosen picture that you have chosen which looks like this @copyrightlizzyarrow for example. If you don’t know how to do it let me know and I’ll do it for you with the details in the email. As soon as I get it all set up on the new website you will be able to send it better but most importantly you will be able to subscribe to the newsletter and it will get sent out to you. Email is 
Good luck 



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