Nothing getting wound up, wanting to go home, tired and feeling ill after a stressful day at work. Finally got out of estate where I work, doctors and family live in; the best bit is that I fell asleep at my grandparents house whilst my mum was sorting them out, couldn’t resist the whole tiredness had to sleep to feel better. 

I’m currently at the moment planning my blogs out for my new blogs. I’m still need you guys to help me out with ideas and everything. Would love you guys to help me as much as you can. It’s your blog as well. 

 How do I plan? Now I use the pictures that I have made and use pages note taking have the title that I’m writing on top and the subject that I’m writing it for underneath along with the picture. Then make bullet points of what I want to add into the blog. Sometimes when I’m writing my blog with the notes the ideas expand from the notes. 

So I’m starting this properly this time and making it more good and better than ever before. So I do hope you guys do get involved and read them on the new website blog. 


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