Day 3 Blog Advent Calendar – Jolly good moan about Christmas and time to share. 


The average spending time with grandparents on a relative’s birthday and you get your average conversation of the same topic getting repeated. Once you stick a pack cheese of jokes in front of my grandma and the way she tells them it’s funny along with the whole giggles when she reads them and the comments afterwards.

3rd Door advent

Blooming Christmas list that people who asking me what I want and I’m like I don’t know what I want. So I went onto my favourite store online because I love their stuff all the time. If you haven’t guessed Paperchase is my favourite store ever spend most of my money in there if I could. So I gave my aunt a few things from there to get her started with along with the prices of them on. 

Started to write a list of things for my sister so she could get me a few things as well. That’s from Superdrug because I’m always needing make up as I’ve been wearing it a lot now because of my hair colour and style of my hair. 

Just need to continue into writing lists for people who are asking me what I would like for Christmas or even my birthday if I’m that organised. Best get too it I suppose


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