Day 5 blog advent calendar – Top 5 reasons why I have closest guy friends.


I wanted to share with you guys the top 5 reasons why I have closest guy friends. 

The reason why is because I get on with guys better than girls.

Day 5 blog advent calendar 

Top number 1 is there are connections between me and certain guys that I get on well with where we get on so well that we start living in each other’s pockets. Whether it’s just texting because we can’t see each other from time to time or we see each a lot and text each other a lot as well. 

 Top number 2 they are always there when I need my cuddles and loving because if I’m feeling down or needing a hug for ever reason they are there when I need it. Guys do give the best hugs ever. They fit my mold of hugs. I think I’ve got that right for spelling all well.

Top number 3 they come and rescue me weather it’s threw text or actually coming to see me they are protective over me. This is because I’ve let my guard down to them and I know that I can trust them on which I don’t have to protect myself from them. 

Top number 4 my guy friends have this way of knowing how to make me laugh to the point of we are both in fits of laughter. Also few of my guy friends are blonde and one especially is funny because they take a lot of hard work to explain something to the record breaking time was at least hour and half explaining something to them. Hasn’t reached that far since. Just funny when I point it out now when his blonde moment is starting to boil.

Top number 5 guys are so easier than girls less drama and less over dramatic about things to the point of everything is about them. Just can’t deal with that crap I think that’s why I only have like 5 close girlfriends. And the rest are guys. 

So glad I chose this topic for my door number five I was struggling with it to be honest with you. Not the first time if you ask me. 


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