Day 6 Blog Advent Calendar – 10 things you didn’t know about me


Did plan out my day 6 blog advent but not too sure where the piece of paper is that I wanted to write about so behind this door I’m going to do 10 things you don’t already know about me. 

Day 6 blog advent calendar 

Ten things that you didn’t know about me on which is going to be a challenging thing for me where I don’t even know myself half the time. That’s always fun when you share something with someone close to you when you try and remember something about yourself.

Mental health issues and Poloystic Ovaries Syndrome: These two are most likely to effect my life the most; this is because I have to deal with one of them at different times, sometimes both at the same time. Depression and anxiety is the hardest thing you can get yourself out off especially when your trying to fight for your freedom everyday. Poloystic Ovaries Syndrome is where the women’s eggs are larger than normal; it can go either way where your constant on your period or don’t have them at all but get the cramps. Other side is that you don’t know if your able to have kids or not.

Dyslexia and Language Difficulties: growing up with learning difficulties is the most hardest things you can ever ask for. The teachers didn’t really push you to get the good grades because they would think your stupid and dumb. That was my life by the time I got to secondary and they still weren’t really pushing me so they let me slip through the net if you asked me until I went to college in another town who would test me and push me the whole another level and the time I spent at the college I managed to pass my GSCE English and my Level 1 numeracy and my sports courses that I did. However with the help of my creative writing through out my life and my college life up until now my spelling and language have become better because I’ve taught myself how to get better with myself and not give up hope. 

I’m a shortie compared to my family: In my family there’s 6 of us four kids plus my parents. My parents, two brothers and my sister are taller than me. From 5ft8 to 6ft2 then there’s me 5ft4 and half. You can tell everything is high up but I’m determined to reach things if things are impossible to do in my height I prefer to do it my way.

My actual dream job: My dream job is actually becoming a writer from the age of 5. So the past so many years of growing up I’ve been writing and creating stories and poems. 

Are you the only child: In my 3rd point that I have mentioned is that I am not the only child I am one out of four children in the family. We all get on very well indeed and we know when to give each other space.

Studying: I have got myself back into studying because I wanted to be able to open more doors other than the one I am in now. I’m still 25 and I want to be able to explore more areas of what I am good at.

Guys or girls who are good friends: I have a few friends that are girls but most of them are guys because I am so use to having guy friends around me it’s easier for me to get on with. 

Microsoft or Apple: When I first started out writing with a computer or a laptop I used Microsoft because I liked to design things the way I wanted and taught myself how to use the technology than sitting in a classroom doing silly edexel or whatever it is. Until I had to get a new laptop and so I had to learn different programs and etc because I use apple products now and I’m still trying to find ways in learning how to use things that I want to do on it. 

Hobbies: meeting up with friends, creative writing, blogging, crafting, colouring, gym and sports

Younger hobbies: sports, performing arts, dancing, writing, acting, crafting.


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