Day 12 Blog Advent Calendar – Where does my good looks come from?



I always find that I ask myself the same question recently where to the point of “where does my good looks come from?” If only there was a picture contrast on the Ancestry website or an app been created for family tree for picture of yourself which took you back to your ancestors. That will be awesome because I really would love to know where I got my good looks from. 

Day 12 Blog Advent Calendar- Where does my good looks come from?

I’ve always been told that I have the Franklin curls or your dad’s hair but it doesn’t explain that my face doesn’t even match any of my parents faces nor both sets of my grandparents. All I’ve picked up is the hair, the height and the eye colour and that’s it. Possibly the hair colour if I didn’t keep dying my hair. 

 Also no one in my family has this cute button nose that I have either. So who in my family tree has it and why don’t we all look the same as each other. That’s what I don’t get along with my parents as well we don’t look them either. 

No matter weather my hair is a different colour, long or short is still manage to pull it off with make up. The more I study my pictures I think who am I? Where am I from? Who do I take after with these looks? Because I can’t ask any of the questions to my dad he won’t know the answer to can’t ask his parents they aren’t around anymore. Can’t ask my mums parents because they won’t remember. 

Just wish there’s something out there that could answer my questions. Also to be able to dig in little bit further in myself where at least I know where my heritage has come from. All I know is that I’m bit Irish but whatever my dad comes out with I have no idea. 

I love my height monjority of the time but when it comes to reaching something then it comes to the whole pain in the arse. Where everything is like 6ft something high and then there’s me who’s 5ft4 and half. However I am that determined to reach what I want without getting anything to help me because I am that determined. 

Do you have this problem where you don’t know where your good looks come from? Why not let me know what would you do? Or what do you use to find out where you come from. One I was leaving school my head of house at the time sent our who year in that house photos of and mine came back as Audrey Hepburn. I thought that was pretty awesome man.



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