Day 18 Blog Advent Calendar – The very best of 2016 moments brought to you


As 2016 is slowly closing to the end of another year. A year full of laughter, cry, pain, happiness and everything around us. So many people lost their lives, so many people having happiest times and many more. 

However I would like to share with you my very best of 2016 moments with you as I have had on and off year but have to say it’s been an okay year for me than other years. 

Day 18 Blog Advent Calendar – The very best of 2016 moments brought to you

My journey of 2016 has been an up and down but I’m not here to talk about my downs. I am talking about my ups and they are continuing to be going up as long as I can stay focus and achieve them in everyday as possible. 
The hardest but most proudest time that I managed to take control of my most horrendous demon that I can ever imagine. This was taking on my first ex who I wasn’t going to let it take control of my life no more. It was back in May 2016 where I had taken a day off due to the fact that I had series of appointments throughout the day and the night before I got back into contact with my ex. 
So I wanted to face him to explain and wanted to closer of what he had done to me and someone else. He never knew how much hell I had since we split but now me and him are good friends and we didn’t talk for ages until one day we got into contact with each other. We arrange to meet up for a few hours and it was like nothing had ever happened. 

My next point is that even though I had a rough two weeks but throughout the past two terms of this academic year I have managed to be in work doing my job that I love the most. Day in day out. Trying to not let things bother me as much as I could. Not even having to go to the doctors all the time or arranging to see help. 
Also throughout the year I have met lots of new people and they have become good friends and stayed put in my life. I know that I could trust them with anything no matter what it is. They have been great friends and been so supportive without them I don’t even know what I would do. 
The best thing what happened to me is that knowing my writing is so good on blogging it has giving me the whole confidence boost that I needed. For years I thought my writing wasn’t good enough and think I’m a rubbish writer and it’s not going to happen. However getting great reviews and great stats from both blog websites it’s giving me the opportunity to say “yes I can do it” “I will do it” every other positive thing that I could do. 

Conclusion for 2017

 What are my goals for 2017? To be honest I’m not too sure nothing really goes right every year for me in my opinion. However you can’t wait for it to come to you; you have to go to it, to be able to make it happen. So next year in 2017 I’m going to achieve things that I want to do with my life not letting people hold me back. I will do a blog of my goals for 2017 in the next few weeks. 


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