Day 22 Blog Advent Calendar – Are you one of those last minute Christmas shoppers? 


Only four more days left until Christmas guys if you count today. I’m quite glad this will be finishing soon; even though I’ve had a good time making this blog advent calendar this year, but I don’t think I would do it again unless I plan the titles and the days in a year in advance and all of the planning for it. 

Who knows what the new year brings. Think I’ve done enough challenges that I wanted to improve myself for awhile I think. It does take it out of me; forcing me to do it even though I don’t want to, but knowingly I have to do it not for anyone else but myself.

Are you one of those last minute Christmas shoppers?

Are you just one of those annoying customers that you leave everything to the last minute? Today my plans went out of the window literally out of the window I can’t do much incase I need to run to the bathroom. That’s right first night of going into my holidays a nasty ill bug decided to give me the most horrible time ever. So I can’t finish off my last bits of Christmas stuff due to the fact that I’m ill. 

Ohh your now on holiday lets hit you out with a illness before Christmas. Nice one bug not only you just ruined my plans, you ruined my parents and my bed things so they have to go out and get me a new mattress and a duvet. 

Anyways I love my sarcasms and humour because they are always in tack when something goes wrong. Just in time for Christmas. Everyone loves the way I am. I just hope that tomorrow I will be able to do the last bit of what I need to get in town and also go and get things from Hobbycraft as I wanted to create things with letters. One is for my brother and sister in law because I did one for my mum for Christmas and I really liked it. I thought I could do something similar for them for the anniversary which was yesterday. 

Apologies if this has gone out the window instead of the door but when ones not functioning, ill and in pain it generally goes out of the window. Let’s hope I feel better tomorrow.


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