Day 23 Blog Advent Calendar- Will the weather be quiet this year for Christmas?


You guys may know that I live in the U.K. and the country is smaller than any other country in the world I think. The past few Christmas’s we have had the worse bartering with the most horrendous storms you could ask for.  

Day 23 Blog Advent Calendar- Will the weather be quiet this year for Christmas?

 This year it’s not too bad as the last couple of years but are having a few storms coming or just been passed. The first one this year’s December was called “Storm Barbara” which has hit across Scotland which caused so many distributions of power cuts, school closures and traveling conditions treacherous for everyone this year in Scotland. Wintery and ice has also be effecting large parts of Scotland.

Down where I am it’s not too bad in the South East of England but it has been trying to rain and the winds are very strong on which one time I thought it was going this poor lady over who was walking her dog in the park near me. 

The met office has also put an amber warning issuing for Boxing Day in the North Isles and part of North of Caithness as another storm will be coming in. On which it is called “Storm Connor”. 

I was watching BBC News earlier and Fiona Bruce one of the most top BBC news reporters and presenter made me laugh to the point of wanting to cry laughing. “Let’s see what’s happening with the weather in Scotland, Wales, North of England and……the rest of the country.” Something along those lines but it got me laughing because she got too tired of saying the big names or just want to kill the whole tension that she was giving. I know that the BBC News shouldn’t be funny but she just made me laugh the way she said it.

So is it going to be quiet weather this Christmas? For some maybe but monjority of the people it won’t be quiet at all with all off this ridiculous weather that’s been happening. Stay safe and happy Christmas where ever you are in the uk.


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