December Newsletter 2016

December Newsletter 2016

Blog advent calendar – This year I did 25 days of blog advent calendar to see how it would work and everything. I could tell you right now it had to be the most hardest thing I could ever do in the 25 days leading up to Christmas this was because I wanted to give up at the first hurdle like I was running in The Olympic’s in Rio. Every pain barrier I got to writing it was hard enough as I didn’t know what to write, didn’t know how I would plan for it, I would watch YouTubers doing their vlogmas and showing how easy it is, believe me it’s not that easy I don’t think. At the time of doing it I was battling with my demons as well so it took it out of me but I knew I had to keep on doing it. 

If I’m going to do it again I think I would plan what I’m going to write for each day in a year in advance because then all I can do is edit my notes and put them up straight away without any hassle what so ever. 

Christmas Day – What one busy Christmas Day! It had to be like the most busiest ones that I have ever had. Haha jokes on you not really it wasn’t that busy I can promise you on that one. My Christmas this year was a bit of a quiet one of you ask me. Oh wait you did. Due to everything changing around one of my brothers had to work from 3 this was because he is in on the frontline in the country because that’s his career choice and it is the first time in the years he has been doing the job that he had to do it. 

My other brother celebrates it up with his in laws in Northampton, my cousin was up in Manchester with her boyfriend’s family and it was an odd feeling for her as it was a grown up Christmas and she’s so use to the whole muck around Christmas party she’s use to. It was just me, my sister and my autistic cousin on which I made him a time – table for him so he could follow it and it was pretty chilled out coming from him. Odd occasions he would be his normal anxious self but then again he can’t work me out to get what he wants. 

That was pretty much it really other than my grandma towards the end was asking who’s birthday it was and everything but that’s just an average day to day thing. It’s normal for us but not so normal if your an outsider looking in. 

Boxing Day/Tuesday family time – My brother and sister in law came down Boxing Day and stayed over. My sister had to work both days so she only got to spend time with them in the evening and such like but I do have to say on the Tuesday I know this may come across as selfish and what not. However it was actually nice just me and my two brothers with my parents for the first time in 20 years to be able to have their attention just as the three of us, I love my sister a lot don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have all four of us together all in one place and such a like. 

It was nice to be the baby one of the family for the day like it was 20 years ago before my sister arrived. Did make me think what would it be like if it was just the three of us? Would it of been like this as we all get on like we do right now? I wouldn’t change it now for the world but it just got me thinking that was all. 

New Year’s Eve – Last day of 2016 and happy birthday Nan! Today is a special day, along with kicking it off with the new year and the 3 day celebration of birthdays has to go to my nan who’s now having a birthday party up in heaven and celebrating New Year’s Eve up there. Then New Years Day is my grandad’s birthday so he will be celebrating his birthday up there with my nan and then on January bank holiday is my birthday on the 2nd January. Nothing like starting the new year with a firework bang.

Memory of all the Celebrities – The past year we have lost amazing truly wonderful people from cancer to heart attacks. From the start of the year of 2016 we lost well known celebrities from David Bowie to Carrie Fisher and her mother at the end of the year. No matter what illness or whatever it maybe they were the ones who made our television, fashion and many more great. Inspiration to everyone who are coming up through performing arts or just giving people the laughter that we all need and for themselves.

Politics – From Britexit to Trump the politics have gone down hill since then. Well a lot worse than you can imagine. What could go worse before all this? Nothing politics have lost the plot and they cannot seem to get out of the whole that they are in. From Britexit back in June I swear to god that was fixed because I personally think monjority of the country actually voted in not out. Then the prime minister at the time resigned and gave it to Threasea May who is now prime minister only by default and now she’s in trouble with the queen because she’s not impressed that’s she’s not being informed what’s happening about Britexit. 

Months after that Trump was made president in America and you just think what the hell is the United Kingdom doing and then when Trump became president your like well here comes world war 3. We have no hope of changing around our country either now. It’s all because people in both countries have actually given up caring now because no one wants to believe what politicians say anymore.

Worldwide attacks – from America to Berlin to Turkey to France to Belgium to Karbul and many more. It has been also another tough year for all of the countries with terror attacks and people living in fear for a few weeks and then try to get back to every day life. 

What to be expected for me in 2017? I have brought a diary for each day I will find something positive to write about and put it in there. So when I look back when I start my new dairy for next year I will be able to say. I did that by myself and I did those things with my good friends. To be able to achieve something throughout the year no matter how big or small it is; it’s going to be worth it, along with hoping to be able to achieve my dreams and to be able to be in control of my mind and body of what I want to do with my life not letting my mental health be in the way. 


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