Friday Time! Recap Time!

Friday Time! Recap Time! Is back and ready for the new year of 2017 and let me tell you this it has been the very intriguing first week of the year so far to the point of I’m in so much pain. 
Friday Time! Recap Time!

After having a week and half off; I don’t even remember having time off or even having a birthday at all this week because since being back at work it’s been so busy that I’ve been coming home getting in the bath and putting my PJs on. That’s right I’ve been that busy that I just wanted to go to bed as soon as I got in. Plus have not even realised how much pain I’m in until I had stopped running about with the kids I work with until about 3:15; could feel my right knee throbbing and my back starting to throb a bit it was literally like “omg what just happened?” 

Monday (2nd January 2017) was my birthday and turned 26 years old was pretty chilled out day really. Met up with a friend of mine and went to the town, chilled out in the afternoon pretty much fell asleep to be honest and just played my hometown Guildford special edition of monopoly. That was awesome along with crafting.

New Year’s Day well had my family round for my pre party which ended up with my cousin who has special needs in upset mode for about an hour or so. After that it was perfectly fine and it was okay don’t think anything else happened I don’t think. Not much funny stories I’ve come across that day either other than my mum fired a party popper to welcome the new year in and the stuff didn’t come out but the pop was literally by my ear and made me jump on which made me pull a muscle in my next. She was on one the day before and that day it was funny because I’ve never seen her laughing so much. 

Sorry this is a short one will try and plan next weeks one a bit better.


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