Law shouldn’t be changed to assist of suicide!


This brought my attention from the news this week where a man who was able to enjoy life and be able to be free from anything to being in a wheelchair bound and not be able to do things that he wants to do. I deal with special needs everyday for 35+ hours roughly a week. 

Law shouldn’t be changed to assist of suicide! 

A man who wants to change the law to have doctors help him to commit suicide so everyone who’s in the same predicament as him due to his terminally illness. I do understand he’s scared and frightened but I’m sorry this is unfair if he knew what actually feels like from birth and through out life with a learning disabilities, medical care and having to be consistent taking medication since they were born. 

They are more trapped inside their bodies more longer than he has and they are trying to have a normal life when they are not in and out of hospital, with constant changes of chairs and everything else. 

I’ve been working with children with special needs for 6 years in special needs sector along with 17 years of experience with an autism cousin. 35+ hours of working in a special needs school a week and the children have their good days and they have their bad days. However we know and I know they happy when we treat them like a normal human being and let them be their normal selves but also to teach them how to be in the real world as much as they can. 

Changing the law to assist people who want to die who haven’t lived through the pain of a special needs child or person since they have been born is wrong. That act has been put into the law for a reason because people who have a disabilities have the right to live as much as everyone else. 

If it did change the first time around I would of been out of a job a long time ago. I believe in the children that I work with and they love the life they lead. Happy to see that they have people who love them and care about them as much as we do and their families. 

We try our best to make them all comfortable when they have a bad day or a good day as much as we can. If you see anyone who’s having a bad day and their carer is dealing with the problem; don’t judge and talk about it, please could ask if they need any help or if they need assistance of getting them in a safe place for the person who’s having a bad time or help them across the road. Just be a nice citizen and help as much as you can. It will make you feel good and also it would take a bit of weight of the carer’s shoulders knowing that there are good public out there to help. 

I don’t want the law to change one bit as it’s wrong and selfish to the people who have disabilities and grew up with it all. Just disgraceful to everything that I work for, do and believe in. Everyone deserves to live and have a normal life. Special needs have the rights to live and to enjoy life as much as they can. 


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